Used Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX

Used Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX

Heidelberg has been setting high standards in the printing industry for over 170 years, during which time it has launched many printing presses that have exceeded everyone’s expectations and contributed to the success of many printing and packaging businesses. Such a printing machine is the Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX model. The model stood out due to the short preparation times of the materials, the increased productivity, and the high quality of the printing. The Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX is also in the standard version from the factory a fairly powerful machine, but if you opt for some additional options, kits, and features, this performance will be superior.

If you own this model of printing machine or want to sell one in good working order, you’ve come to the right place! We are here to help you in any transaction under the best conditions for you, regardless of your position, as a seller or buyer.

Do you want to buy a used Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX?

The Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX machines set new benchmarks in offset printing when they were launched. Companies that have used such a machine in their work have noticed increased productivity even by 30%. A machine of this type, even, can perform very well, especially if it has been properly maintained. If you want to buy a Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX, we can tell you from the start that you have made the best choice, especially if such a printing press fits the needs of your printing or packaging company.

Our main goal in any collaboration is to find a printing press that perfectly matches the customer’s requirements and the printing company’s needs. To be able to do this, we need to have from our clients a list of criteria that they want the future Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX they buy to have. For example, we are particularly interested in knowing:

• If you want the machine to have a certain year of manufacture or a certain age.

• If you want certain specific kits or features for the machine to have – the printing press can come with standard equipment from the factory or it can be equipped with all kinds of performance-enhancing systems(however, you should also consider that additional features increase the value of the press).

• If you have set a specific budget and if this budget is fixed or flexible.

If you don’t know exactly what you want from such a used printing machine, you can contact us to establish the selection criteria together. It is important to understand that these criteria will help you choose the right used printing machine for your company’s activity. In our team, there are specialists who have evaluated many used Heidelberg equipment of this type over the years and can tell you exactly whether a Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX is suitable for you or if you will need some additional options to be added.

Do you want to sell a used Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX?

If you’ve decided to sell the used Heidelberg printing machine that’s helped you run your printing business so far and you want to quickly find a buyer, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll take care of the whole selling process. However, we need information from you about the used Heidelberg printing machine you want to sell. Please send us detailed information such as:

• Year of manufacture of the machine.

• Condition of the equipment – if it is still in production (and can be seen by the buyer) or if it is being dismantled and stored.

• If the machine has undergone significant repair work and if this work has affected performance in any way (if the machine has undergone major repair work, please also tell us which parts were changed).

• The additional features of the used Heidelberg machine

• The price you want and whether or not this price is negotiable.

If you don’t know exactly what features the machine has, you don’t have to worry because we have specialists on the team who deal with used printing machine evaluation. All you have to do is contact us and let us know how we can help you. Also, if you have pictures or videos of the Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX in full production, please send them to us. We want this transaction to close on the best terms for all parties involved.

Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX – main specification

• Minimum sheet size: 340 mm x 480 mm

• Maximum sheet size: 750 mm x 1,050 mm

• Thickness of the material to be printed: between 0.03 mm and 1 mm

• Maximum print speed: 18,000 sheets/hour

• Print units: 5

Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX – features that contribute to performance

Heidelberg machine is extremely versatile – there are many modules and features that can be combined to improve performance. Next, we will present the most important features of such equipment, but what you should remember is that the printing machine can have different configurations. For example, an AirTransfer type system that ensures a smooth movement of the media to be printed is useful to you, and you can include it in the features important to you. It is important to identify the needs of your printing company and, depending on them, determine what additional features of systems you need on the Heidelberg printing machine.

Printect Press Center 

Printect Press Center is a control station you will need if you want higher productivity and a lower risk of errors. Such a control station allows you to automate various processes, such as preparing print jobs, configuring the Heidelberg machine, and checking printed sheets. Automation helps you save time and manage each order much better. The control screen is intuitive and fast, and the biggest advantage is that the values used for a certain printing order can be memorized, in case the printing job will be repeated in the foreseeable future. Last but not least, when there is automation, we are also talking about a smaller number of human errors. Printect also includes quality control tools that alert you when the print output doesn’t match the set printing characteristics – such errors can be missed when we’re talking about press operators checking the final printed materials, but not control tools. Fewer errors mean lower error correction costs.

Preset Plus – automatic feeder

If you anticipate having a high volume of orders, you will also need an automatic feeder equipped with a roller material transport system that provides much better control of paper and board stock and a continuous feed for continuous production. The feeder can identify sheets that are stuck together or that have defects that can affect the production flow.

Hycolor – improves print quality

If your company’s activity is based on high-quality printed materials, then you should also consider this feature that considerably improves the quality of the final print. Hycolor makes it easy to achieve high contrast and a clear image, without affecting the speed of the printing machine in any way – the maximum printing speed is up to 18,000 sheets per hour. Another aspect that you should consider if you choose such a system is that it helps you build a much greener production process by reducing the amount of alcohol within the ink units.

CutStar – reduces printing costs

This system allows quick and easy switching between different types of print media such as sheets and reels. What’s more, you can juggle various sheet sizes in the printing process without increasing printing time or costs.

Allforprintmarket.com – your trusted trader for machinery in the printing and packaging industry

We are here to help you buy or sell a printing press under the best conditions. We offer you complete services and solutions for any technical or logistical problem that may arise along the way, we have in our team specialists who know used equipment in the printing industry and can make a professional evaluation for any type of used machine. Over time, we have traded a lot of machines from more than 40 countries, from various continents, and have worked with used equipment made by various world-renowned manufacturers, including Heidelberg.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sell or buy a Heidelberg XL 105-5 + LX or any other model of Heidelberg printing machine! Concluding a transaction in the best conditions for you is one of our most important objectives.

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