About us

About us

Allforprintmarket.com – your trusted trader when it comes to used machinery in the printing and packaging industry.

We put our expertise at your disposal and help you buy the right machine for your company’s needs or sell printing equipment under the best conditions.

Over time, we have brokered the trading of used machinery from the printing or packaging industry in over 40 countries on various continents. Every transaction we have handled has been done with a focus on the client’s needs (whether they were a seller or a buyer), in a professional manner and with attention to the smallest details, from the start of discussions, to the completion of the transaction.

Allforprintmarket.com – your trusted trader when it comes to used machinery in the printing and packaging industry.

The quality of the services we provided has always been important to us and the point from which we started building an impeccable reputation.

At the moment, Allforprintmarket.com is valued as a reliable partner in the sale and purchase of used printing and packaging machinery. No transaction is too much of a challenge for us because we have the experience behind us to overcome any obstacle and adapt to any situation. We can trade any type of equipment as long as it is used in the printing or packaging industry.

The clients who used our services appreciated the most that we are flexible and adapt to client requirements, we work globally, we have expertise in the field and that any problem that might arise, we will solve it in the shortest possible time without affecting the process. We get involved in every transaction 100% to make sure it ends on the best terms.

Our mission

Our mission is to find an owner for every used machine that can still perform in excellent condition, or a machine for every buyer interested in increasing their productivity and efficiency in the printing and packaging industry.

Our vision

We believe that used machinery and equipment in this industry are timeless – they are so well built that they can be just as efficient 20 – 30 years from now if they have been used in the right conditions and properly maintained. For this reason, we will be active in 10 – 20 years to act as we do now – to mediate the sale and purchase of such machines that can be put to the value within companies.

Why work with us

Global coverage on any transaction.

You tell us what equipment you need and we look for it, literally, even outside the country. The same thing happens if you want to sell a machine – there is a good chance that there will be an interested buyer even 3,000 km away from you, but don’t worry, we take care of everything from A to Z. The advantage of activating globally is the shorter time to complete the transaction. If you tell us that you want to sell or buy equipment urgently, we will do our best to fit into the set time frame, and from this point of view, our global coverage helps us.

Professional appraisal of equipment value

Transparency is most important to us, which is why we carry out professional evaluation of the value of the equipment you want to buy or sell. We are experienced in carrying out the evaluation of the value of any equipment and we can pride ourselves on the fact that no small detail escapes us. In the end, you can be sure that you will get or pay a fair price for your printing or packaging equipment.

Complete services in one place

With our services, you’ll have a single point of contact for all your used printing press buying and selling needs. You will be in touch with only one person who will handle the transaction, and this makes the whole process much easier. We know how frustrating it can be to be redirected from one department to another to find an answer to a question. We assure you that you will not have such an experience if you work with us.

Solutions for any problem

We have experience in the field, and that helps us overcome any obstacle more easily. Any technical or logistical problem that arises, we already have a solution. This helps the client to be much more relaxed and confident in the finality of the process. Of course, we discuss with the customer any problem that arises and show them the solutions we have. Don’t forget that we are more than just service providers, we are your partners.

Flexibility and adaptability to customer needs

One thing that the clients we have worked with appreciate is the degree of flexibility and adaptability we have when it comes to their needs. We are involved in every transaction 100%, we listen to our customers and find the best solutions for their requirements. This is also the reason why we ask for so much detail in collaboration because we want to know and understand every need of the client. Sometimes, along the way, we even discover new needs of the client, without him knowing that he has them.


We know every type of machine or equipment from around the world and have worked overtime with machines made by world-renowned manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Muller Martini, Bobst, Kolbus, Man Roland or KBA. Flat offset printing equipment, digital printing equipment, flexographic printing equipment, screen printing equipment, guillotines, laminating equipment, stamping equipment, book sewing machines, etc. have passed through our hands.

In a collaboration, we seek synergy, creativity, and shared success. We desire open communication, trust, and a shared vision. Together, we strive for innovation, mutual growth, and surpassing expectations. Collaboration empowers us to leverage diverse strengths, foster teamwork, and achieve remarkable outcomes. It’s about achieving more together than we ever could alone.

Contact us if you are looking for si la suitable machine for your company’s needs or if you want to sell a used printing or packaging equipment.
We are here to help you close the transaction in the best conditions and in the shortest time!

Contact us if you are looking for a suitable machine for your company's needs or if you want to sell a used printing or packaging equipment.

We are here to help you close the transaction in the best conditions and in the shortest time!