ECH WILL Alpha RF – Exercise books Machines


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Reference number: A4P01542

Maximum mechanical paper speed: 300 m/minute Minimum paper speed: 60 m/minute Productivity: 14.000 books/hour Maximum reel width: 960 mm Minimum reel width: 580 mm Maximum reel diameter: 1200 mm Maximum printing length(cylinder circumference): 670 mm Minimum printing length: 300 mm Minimum cut-off length – cross cutter: 300 mm Maximum cut-off length: 500 mm Maximum size finished product: 245×480 mm Minimum size finished product: 145×145 mm Maximum sheet count(unfolded): 50 Maximum thickness(unfolded): 5 mm Equipped for book sizes: A4 and A5 Reeling Unit 1 x reeling unit, shafted, complete with 1 x paper decurling device 1 x dancer system 1 x air cooled disc brake 1 x reel shaft  – inner core diameter 76mm 1 × 2nd reel shaft for preparation of new reel inner core diameter 76mm Ruling Tower 1 x ruling tower for a maximum 4 ruling inkers equipped with 4 x transverse inker for ruling cylinders 4 x counter pressure cylinder, chromium plated 2 x ink system 4 x rubber ink transfer roller Ruling Material 4 x sleeve carrier for A4 Books (without sleeves) for printing length 430 mm 4 × sleeve carrier for A5 books (without sleeves) for printing length 610 mm 24 x sleeve for A4 Books for printing length 430 mm 8 x sleeve for A5 Books for printing length 610 mm Cross Cutting Unit 1 x 1-knife cross-cutting system, which allows for quick and easy knife exchange and adjustment, equipped with: 1 x set of cross-cutting knives (rotating top and fixed bottom knife) 2 x size gear wheel (one set per cut-off length) for cut-off lengths for A4 and A5 books Sheet Overlapping Unit 1 x sheet overlapping Sheet Counting and Collating Unit 1 x sheet counting and collating unit controlled by interchangeable sheet size regulating count timing belt pulleys 4 × timing belt pulley (one set per sheet count) for 32, 36, 48, and 72 pages Reel-Fed Cover Sheet Inserter 1 x reel-fed cover inserter with: inner core diameter 76 mm max reel diameter 1.200 mm 1 x standard inker for rubber cylinders with: rubber ink roller chromium-plate anilox roller counter pressure cylinder anti-standstill motor 1 ink system 1 cross cutter 2 x stereo cylinder, excluding stereos for (A4 and A5) for printing length 850 – 920 mm 2 × sets of size-bound gear wheels for cross cutter of cover printer (A4 and A5) Stitching Unit 1 × stitching unit for round wire No. 24 – 26 unit operates in paper travel direction. Minimal operating distance per stroke for reliable, accurate wire stitching for all book sizes equipped with 9 x stitching heads (3x per pocket for A4 and 2x per pocket for A5) 9 x wire reel holder – wire reel weight max 15 kg   Sectional Folding Unit 1 x sectional folding unit to centrally fold stitched book strips Square Back Pressing Unit 1 × square back pressing unit to square-edge the book spine after folding Trimmer 1 x fore-edge trimming knife 3 x separating knife 2 x lateral trimming knife cut, for optimum product quality and minimum vibration 2 x set of distance pieces between top and bottom knives (one set per book size) for book sizes A4 an Book Discharge 1 x overlapped product delivery for manual take-off Electric 1 x device for maintaining suitable temperature for electronic components in switch cabinets necessary from +25° C and effective up to +40° C ambient temperature 1 x electrical equipment in accordance with EC/EN layout: 400 volt, 3 phases, 50 Hz  

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