Tensor 1400+ 1999 Heidelberg Mercury – Coldset Web Printing Presses


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Reference number: A4P00733

Used Heidelberg and Tensor web presses towers Heidelberg Mercury, 1999, 2 towers of 4 units Tensor 1400, 2009, 2 towers of 4 units 2 control desks Maximum width: 1000 cm Cut off: 630 cm Double parallel folding 2 x Tensor T-1400 4-High Towers, with the following characteristics: Motorized side sidelay Motorized side circumferential Motorized unit to unit phasers Motorized ink fountain rollers Stainless steel clad cylinders Reel type blanket lock-ups Slit style plate lock-ups Nylon ink vibrators Nylon micrometrics Spiral brush dampening Swing down cast iron ink fountains with EPG remote ink control (28 keys per fountain) Pneumatic throw-off for the ink feed, ink form, water form and impression Four-sided platforming Insulated water trays BE Style covers Electrically interlocked safety guards The 1400 series four-high stacked unit arrangement is designed and constructed for 35,000 cylinder revolutions per hour and each unit is furnished with the following: Set of covered inking and dampening rollers 2x Stainless steel clad blanket cylinders (per unit) 4x Blanket cylinder eccentrics housed in a Timken bearing arrangement to reduce side frame wear and cylinder bounce 2x T-Bar blanket lockup systems for an even draw down across the entire width of the blanket (reel type optional) 2x Stainless steel clad plate cylinders (per unit) 2x Ultra narrow gap 1/16 inch slit plate cylinders 2x sidelay adjustment mechanisms for plate cylinders: adjustment +1/8 inch (+3.3mm) Running circumferential register mechanism for side plate cylinder, adjustable to +1/16 inch (+1.6mm) (per unit) controlled from operator side of the unit. 2x Swing down cast iron ink fountains for rapid, easy color clean up with EPG remote inking system and self-sealing ink fountain ends 2x Eight roller continuous feed undershot inking systems geared to press speed with manually rotatable ink fountain rollers 4x Ink vibrators with Pyramid covering 6x Form roller throw-off bars: located on the outside of the rollers, eliminating ink build up on the inside of the rollers 2x Spiral brush dampener systems with independent variable speed dampener fountain rollers Set of safety guards with interlocked safety switches Drive Side oil bath gear housing with self-contained mechanical pump Centralized grease lubrication system operator and drive side 2x Plexiglas drive side doors for easy daily inspection Set of spiral bevel ring and pinion gears for better mesh, longer life, quieter and smoother running at high speeds. Pneumatic control of ink, water and impression Blankets with bars & packing as needed for this press 4x Wash-up devices (4 per location) Web lead rollers (pipe rollers) as needed for each tower addition 1x top iron brackets 1x torque wrench sets for blankets The 4-high towers are driven by a footprint shaft less drive system. Drives and Motors: Drive and control cabinets for T-1400 4-highs, with the following equipment and functions: AC drive with choke and main breaker 100 HP Motor, including encoders, fan radiator Motion controller for electrical shaft Distributed PLC logic and remote I/O E-stop and interlock logics according to category three safety regulations Inch, inch reverse, crawl and auto start sequencing Synchronization software for fast synchronization of footprint tower during start-up Pneumatic throw offs Synchronization sensors Consoles: Operating consoles, with the following equipment and functions, each including: 17  touchscreen display for Press Control System, including: Press speed Graphics layout display, configuration, E-stop and interlock logics for units Integrated lateral and circumferential register control Alarm history Status indication Water pan and ink fountain controls Run and offset function keypad One touchscreen display (17 ) for EPG system + PC Keypad for EPG functions Painted Silver Grey Remote Inking System: EPG computer ink key control systems (one for each tower), each including: KeyColor C Console integrated into press console 8x Fountains with twenty-eight (28) ink keys per fountain AutoSet/AutoPage Ink Pre-setting System (CIP Interface) Plate Bender & Punch: Burgess Autobend automatic, double-sided bender Burgess model WL2444-C plate punch Burgess RCB-3343 register board

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